The Waha Brand

The WAHA brand depicts leadership, vision and direction. It signifies a nurturing organisational culture that provides a safe place for Māori marketing, branding and digital communications to be developed.

We believe in the power and strength behind our brand because it compliments the simplicity of our name, WAHA, and our approach to recognition via one-word equity.

The figured man represents a Māori Chief or leader, holding a Māori weapon called a Tewhatewha. Although it was used as a very effective fighting weapon, the Tewhatewha was just as efficient when utilised as a Communication Tool.

Only the Chief would possess the Tewhatewha to help him strategically co-ordinate the Ope-Taua or war party in times of battle.

Standing on top of a hill, the Māori Chief would hold the competitive advantage over his enemies as he could lead his Ope-Taua by communicating with them through his Tewhatewha.

The WAHA brand portrays its marketing direction and strategy via ‘one-word equity’ and a significant, meaningful logo.

Our vision is to stand out as the leader in Māori marketing, Māori branding and digital communications, and resonate in the minds of those ‘Ope Taua’ or war parties that go to battle against advancing competitors in their local, national and international market.

We see integrated marketing communications (IMC) as our Tewhatewha, and as the leader we will guide you with strategic intent that will help you to comprehend, diversify and eliminate your competitors.

The outcome is enhanced sustainability and ultimately having an edge over the competition.

Our Māori brand specialist will help your organisation build brand equity by creating innovative, positive and engaging branding that is Māori in nature.