WAHA was moulded from ancestral traditions, Māori pedagogy, language, religion, and beliefs. It epitomises Māori leadership in a marketing, branding and digital communication context.

Directly translated, WAHA means Mouth or to carry.  Without breath there is no life, and life is about creating relationships through personal, family and community development.

The founding partner of  WAHA, Tuteri Rangihaeata, understands the power of Māori marketing and communications. Over the past six years, he and his team have used their proven relationship management skills, entrepreneurial pursuits and intimate knowledge of the dynamic integration of technology and Māori marketing, branding and digital communications, to deliver outstanding results to clients.

Nurtured by his parents, grandparents and many locals from his hometown Patea, Tuteri studied the art of teaching, marketing and management. He saw the opportunity to work with key individuals who had the ability to change the face of Māori marketing, branding and digital communications.

Tuteri has a vision to develop leadership in Māori marketing, branding and digital communications.  His insight led him to structure WAHA into four specialist areas:

  • Māori Marketing
  • Māori Branding
  • Māori Digital Communications
  • Motoi Tangata (Māori Market Research) competence

Tuteri explains that, “By using WAHA like a filtering system; we sift out the best Māori professionals in their field. WAHA has immediate access to this body of experts who we work with to deliver a much faster and superior service to our clients”.

WAHA guarantees exceptional service that will enhance brand equity and develop market share awareness that encompasses true life cycle communication.

Engage with WAHA today, let our culture move you, and experience the future of Māori marketing & branding with us.