About Us

WAHA are true artisans of Māori marketing and Māori branding, and we integrate Māori content into digital communications strategies.

Our rich cultural perspective and understanding is central to our philosophical view of the work we do, ensuring our Māori audiences are communicated to in the most effective way possible.

WAHA is passionate about producing savvy, technologically innovative, creative and truly culturally appropriate Māori strategies for our clients.

Our Māori baskets of knowledge are full with a wealth of expertise developed over a lifetime of integral involvement in Māori communities and business environments.

WAHA takes the concept of digital natives, combines it with Māori intelligence, and applies our thinking to align with your organisation’s key priorities and business goals.

We develop cultures of authenticity.

Our broad experience covers industries including healthcare, education, technology, and the government and private sector, as well as Whānau Ora initiatives.

Translated, WAHA means MouthWithout breath there is no life, and so we believe in creating strong lasting relationships with our clients to fully understand their business, history, and direction.

At WAHA we pursue the wisdom of transformative knowledge.

We provide a range of services including marketing and communications, advertising, and a range of production elements such as dynamic Māori visuals, Māori music, Māori design and Māori web development, that will motivate your audience.

Contact us to discuss how our capabilities and experience can influence and develop your Māori marketing, branding and digital communications needs.